Patchouli & Lavender Soap


Get into the groove and embrace your inner hippy wiith our intoxicating patchouli and lavender, a soap that will ease the stresses of the day away. With our popular skin sloving blend of oils, and with the addition of hemp seed oil, this soap is just divine. Peace out.


Made with our special blend of plant based oils, our all natural soaps are palm free, cruelty-free; and are made with no synthetic colourants, fragrances, compounds, or toxic chemicals. Unlike other soaps that can be drying, our soaps moisturise and nourish dry skin, and have been proven to treat eczema and inflammatory skin conditions. With the added benefit of glycerin, our soaps care for your skin like no other. A moisturiser in a cleansing bar.

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Coconut Oil, Olive oil, Grape Seed Oil, Hemp seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Rainwater, Glycerin, Lye, Essential oil (Patchouli, Lavender), Beeswax